Actual Central Bank Interest rates

Australia 0.25%

The Reserve Bank of Australia is responsible for implementing Australia's monetary policy. As part of its mandate, strives for the stability of the national currency and the economic prosperity.

Great Britain 0.10%

The Bank of England is a special public institution in Great Britain that acts as a central bank. It organizes the work of the Monetary Policy Committee, which is responsible for managing the country's monetary policy.

EURO Union 0.00%

The European Central Bank is the central bank of the euro area. Headquarters in the German city of Frankfurt am Main. Its governing bodies include representatives from all EU member states. The bank is completely independent from the rest of the EU.

Canada 0.25%

The Bank of Canada regulates relations of the financial policy of Canada. The seat of its management is in Ottawa. Maintains financial stability
managing the Canadian government's funds and public debt.

New Zealand 0.25%

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand is the central bank.
It is the main regulator of financial relations in New Zealand. On August 1, 1934, the Bank began issuing banknotes. Nationalized in 1936.

USA <0.25%

The US Federal Reserve System (FRS) fulfills the duties of the US central bank. Is the authoritative source of information on the market. FRS news strongly affects the entire market.

Switzerland -0.75%

The Swiss National Bank, according to the Federal Law on the Swiss National Bank, is a joint stock company with a special status. The authoritative source of information in the financial markets.

Japan -0.10%

The National Bank of Japan is distinguished by high stability of work and low interest rates. Since October 2010, the Bank of Japan has reduced the interest rate to a range of 0-0.1%. For more than 10 years, it has been working according to a verified plan.

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