Bonus programs

What is the bonus program?

Join any promotion from OruPrime and get the most out of your trading. Any bonus helps you in trading no matter if you are a beginner or a confident and experienced trader. Some of our offers will support your account in the case of drawdown and some of them support you even if you have losing trades. All of the promos and bonuses increase your trading volume and the only thing you need to do is to trade in a regular mode and enjoy it.

Be aware of all new suggestions — follow our updates! Do not miss an offer as every is limited in time. We always let you know if it comes to its expiration date or if you are lucky and an offer is expanded. With our promotion program we do our best to make your trading more profitable that it has ever been.

20% Bonus to any accounts for any deposit

Open account and get additional 20% margin bonus for any deposits

Bonus $500 for «Advanced» accounts

Special conditions for working out bonus funds calculation with $ 25 per 1 lot

«Right Relationship» program

For clients with status  «VIP»

Give a friend the opportunity by raising his status under the loyalty program and earn with him depending on his positive dynamics on the account.

Client reward:

1. $6 for each positive lot of a referral friend.

2. Quarterly payments in the amount of 6-10% of the total spread paid by the referral during the trading period, depending on the positive dynamics of the referral's margin account, where:

 If the balance increases by 12-38% of the initial deposit, a reward is paid in the amount of 6% of the paid spread for the settlement period;

If the balance is increased by 38% or more from the starting deposit, a reward is paid in the amount of 10% of the paid spread for the settlement period.

The settlement period is 1 quarter or 90 calendar days from the moment of the first activity on the account.

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